2018 Grants Awarded

  • St. Charles Lions Club, for St. Charles Cemetery Headstone Restoration, $1,111
  • Dream Big Dreams Committee, Winterset, Dream Big Dreams Project (celebrating Dr. George Washington Carver), $1,500
  • Madison County Heart and Soul, county-wide initiative, $2,500
  • St. Charles Firefighters Association, Purchase of a Stair Chair, $2,700
  • Winterset Rotary Club, Winterset Skate Park Shelter House & Amenities, $2,800
  • Madison County Conservation Board, Winterset Schools Outdoor Classroom, $4,000
  • Madison County Historic Preservation, Farris Cemetery Pilot Project, $4,525
  • City of St. Charles Parks & Recreation, Park Bathrooms, $7,400
  • Wildwood Hills Ranch of Iowa, St. Charles, Cabins of Hope, $7,700
  • Interstate 35 School District, Truro, CTE Building Equipment, $10,000
  • Winterset Art Center, ADA Entrance &  Restrooms, $14,000
  • Earlham Community School District, Earlham Schools Courtyard Project, $14,000
  • Winterset Dog Park, Winterset Dog Park Construction, $25,000

Total: 93,236
Note: $25,000 was also awarded mid-year to the Rebuild Cedar Bridge Project

2017 Grants Awarded

  • Madison County Chamber of Commerce, Winterset, for the Madison County Visitors Center Upgrade, $16,000
  • Bricker-Price Block Restoration Corporation, Earlham, for the Bricker Price Block Historic Restoration Project, $25,000
  • The Iowa Theater, Winterset, for Theater Restoration/Concession Stand Project, $26,500
  • Madison County Scenic Byway Art Selection Committee, Winterset, for Scenic Byway Art Project, $3,000
  • Orient/Macksburg Fire District, Orient, for Personal Protective Equipment, $4,232
  • Winterset Art Center, Winterset, for Building Exterior Repair and Beautification, $3,144
  • Community Efforts for Macksburg, Macksburg, for Electrical Upgrade in Macksburg City Park, $4,500
  • Ohio Future Feeders 4-H Club, Winterset, for Madison County Fairground Pergola Project, $1,584
  • Earlham PIE, Earlham, for Earlham Classroom Library Books, $1,225
  • Old Settlers Park Coalition, St. Charles, for St. Charles Old Settlers Park Performance Shelter, $6,430
  • St. Charles Fire Department, St. Charles, for Replacing Fire Department Turnout Gear, $10,000
  • MATURA Head Start, Winterset, for Little Huskies North Preschool/Head Start Playground, $2,585
  • Town of Truro, Truro, for Sidewalk Replacement in City Park, $2,000
  • St. Charles Public Library, St. Charles, for Tech Knowledge at St. Charles Public Library, $3,000
  • Truro Fire Association, Truro, for Fire Station Remodeling Project, $2,000

Total: $111,200

2016 Grants Awarded

2015 Grants Awarded

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2013 Grants Awarded

Information about grants awarded prior to 2013 is available upon request. The first grant cycle for the Madison County Community Foundation was in 2006.